The Lacuna Method (Fungal Nail Treatment)

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What Is The Lacuna Method

At Mobile Foot Health, we offer the highly effective Lacuna Method for treating fungal nail infections. This innovative technique involves creating micro-perforations in the nail plate, allowing antifungal treatments to penetrate more deeply and work more efficiently. The Lacuna Method is minimally invasive, causing little to no discomfort, and has shown excellent results in restoring healthy nail growth.

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How the Lacuna Method Works:

Assessment: Our skilled practitioners evaluate the extent of the fungal infection.

Procedure: Small holes are drilled into the infected nail to allow direct application of antifungal agents.

Treatment: Antifungal solutions are applied, penetrating through the perforations to target the infection effectively.

Benefits of the Lacuna Method:

Enhanced Effectiveness: Direct application increases the efficacy of antifungal treatments.

Quick and Painless: The procedure is swift and involves minimal discomfort.

Visible Results: Patients often notice improvement in nail appearance and health within weeks.